Privacy Policy


All posts on this page are submissions from members of UNMC community and therefore, the page takes NO responsibility towards any unintended consequences that may arise. Though, we have set forth 'Policies' and 'Rules & Regulations' to minimize any such occurrences. Thus, all submissions made to this page are subject to filtering and censoring to abide by them. Content posted as such on this page, is never a reflection of personal views of members of Admin Panel. The views held by said members in capacity of Admins are defined in Policy 6.


  • UNMC Expressions will always strictly adhere to 'Community Standards' and 'Statement of Rights and Responsibilities'.
  • UNMC Expressions is established collectively for the whole of UNMC community, including; students, alumni, staff, and workers at UNMC.
  • All submissions that comply with our 'Rules & Regulations' WILL be posted.
  • Regarding Affiliation: As of yet, UNMC Expressions is in no manner affiliated with University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus Management or Student Association, nor is it an official platform for either voice, views or correspondence from aforementioned parties.
  • In regards to 'Freedom of Speech' and 'Anonymity';
    If an individual of UNMC community wishes to voice ‘speech’ that goes against the principles UNMC Expressions adheres to, then one's personal Facebook status should suffice. We certainly will never obstruct the ‘freedom’ users have to do that.
  • Always bear in mind that we, admins of this page, too are part of this UNMC community and we hardly believe that being anonymous entitles one to be hurtful or anyhow lessons our responsibility for consequences that will result from facilitating such an expression.
  • Any and all decisions taken by UNMC Expressions are decided upon by the majority of the Admin Panel.