Submission Guidlines

1. The following will NOT be allowed:

  • Content in languages other than English. Such a rule applies to be considerate and not to isolate any members of the UNMC community under Policy 2.
  • Any and all kinds of profane, vulgar and obscene language.
  • Any content regarding politics, aside from that of academic nature.
  • Baseless or unfounded rumours.
  • Any content of intimate or personal nature regarding individuals and couples, regardless of how factual or complimentary/offensive it may be.
  • Any content that is suicidal or promotes suicidal tendencies. (incase of such instances, please refer to the contact details provided at the bottom)
  • Any content aimed towards any member or organ of UNMC community, that is negative, threatening and offensive or otherwise violates 'Community Standards'. i.e. “We do not permit individuals or groups to attack others based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, sex, gender, disability or medical condition.”
  • Any content regarding surveys or relating to research projects, whether academic or non-academic.
  • Any content regarding lost or lost and found items.
  • Repeated content.
  • Any content that violates associated intellectual property rights; i.e. lyrics, quotes etc submitted without the proper credits.
  • Content falling under suspicion of false posting; i.e. imposter submissions, fraping PMs and comments.
  • Content relating to promotion of events in any manner, regardless of whether the event is organised and hosted by UNMC or a non-UNMC body.

2. Admin Panel reserves the right to:

  • NOT post any submission (through Google form or Facebook Private Messaging) that violates Article 1.
  • Censor or edit submission to comply with Article 1.
  • Censor or edit signed off names, unless prior indication is given via Facebook PM.
  • Delete any comment that violates Article 1, without prior warning.
  • Reply to posted expressions and comments.
  • Unless specified otherwise, consider submissions and posted expressions as intellectual property of UNMC Expressions page, along with rights to re-publish them.
  • Delete any comments and content posted by Pages and Communities not associated with this page under our Policy regarding Association (Policy 5).

3. If any individual, community, club/society or otherwise a member of UNMC community feels:

  • Emotionally or otherwise affected by an expression post or comment,
  • The need to point out a post or comment that goes against aforementioned Article 1; they have the right to contact the admins via PM to complain, and if such complaints are well founded, appropriate action will be taken.